Tobin Education

At the Tobin School Westwood, we offer a year-round preschool program for children ages 3.9 and up, with Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten classes that combine a well-rounded curriculum with a nurturing, warm environment.

Hours: Our program is open year-round, Monday-Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. We offer a school year program, as well as a summer program for children who are 3.7 years old, entering PreK, JuniorK or Kindergarten.

Your child will receive developmentally appropriate instruction in the following areas to build a strong foundation for learning:

Language Arts

Starting with letter recognition, making connections between letters and sounds, and building beginning decoding skills, we support each child as they develop the skills to become strong readers and writers.

  • Pre-Reading and Reading
  • Exposure to High Quality literature
  • Handwriting
  • Learning the Process of Writing

Science & Math

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: STEM is more than just a buzzword at Tobin! At Tobin students not only learn about science—they actively participate in it.

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Technology

Foreign Languages

At Tobin, we tap into young learners’ innate ability to absorb languages, introducing your child to:

  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • American Sign Language (ASL)

Social Emotional Learning

Tobin students get a well-rounded education that includes learning important social emotional skills to help them succeed in life! Learning to share toys, self-advocate when they have a problem, be flexible when needed, and show respect for themselves and others—these are key elements that are modeled at Tobin. This includes:

  • Curriculum Tools and School-Wide Language
  • A Focus on Self-Regulation Skills
  • Support in Acquiring Executive Function
  • Recognizing Kind and Pro-Social Behaviors
  • A Commitment to Community Service

Fine Arts

At Tobin, the joys of music and the visual arts is shared with the PreK and JrK children.

  • Art
  • Music

Physical Education & Wellness

Health and wellness begin early at Tobin! Your child will learn about health eating, get ample opportunities to work on gross motor skills, and learn Yoga and other strategies to help them develop positive lifelong habits.

  • Outside Spaces and Ample Opportunity for Gross Motor Play
  • Yoga

Measuring Progress

We are committed to building a true partnership with you and your family at Tobin. This includes our use of research based, evidence-focused assessment tools that allow us to plan curriculum and guide progress. Our qualified and professional teachers and administrators are here to guide each and every child in achieving all they can.